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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you've got a question you need answering then it's extremely likely it's been asked before by one of our customers. You'll find all the most frequently asked questions here along with the relevant answer.

If you can't find the answer you were looking for then send us an email using this site's Fake Identification Contact Page and we'll get back to you as quick as possible.
Questions about ordering IDs Questions aboutdelivery of ID cards Questions about international ordering of IDs Questions about paying for IDs Questions about the legality of novelty identification cards
questions about ordering novelty identification
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How should I send my order so you definitely get it?

Answer : To ensure you get your cards if sending cash then you MUST pay for an insured and registered delivery service in your country. There is a charge for this service but we ask you to consider how you would feel if your order never arrived. We do not want to alarm you but it is important that you know the high level of risk involved with sending cash in the post.
Can I send an ordinary photo with my face cut out or a scanned photo?

Answer : It is entirely up to you which type of photo you wish to send. Please be aware however that not sending or uploading a passport photo can sometimes affect the quality of the final card. The best photo to send or upload is a passport photo with a white background. Using a photo from a mobile phone or holiday snap will almost always be of a poor quality and we urge you to get a passport photo taken.
Do I have to send a Stamped Addressed Envelope?

Answer : No. We take care of all postage costs for the delivery of your card; you only need to put a stamp on the envelope you use to send your order form to us.
I want to order more than one fake ID; do I need to send them separately?

Answer : No. You may send as many orders as you like in one envelope. To get a discount all the cards must be under one order number.
My printer does not work; can I write out the fake id order form myself?

Answer : Yes, so long as you write it out clearly and only use joined up writing if you are sure your details are legible. Don't forget to write your order number clearly on the paper you use.
I forgot to send my photo and/or money for my id card, what do I do?

Answer : All orders that arrive with either no photo or money enclosed will be placed aside awaiting you to correct the mistake. If you have made this mistake then please send on the missing items along with a short note explaining what has happened. Make sure your name is clearly written on the letter. You can also send it to us via email.
questions about delivery of fake ids
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How will my novelty identification be sent?

Answer : All orders are sent from Spain in plain envelopes.
Do any of our company details appear on the id card or envelopes they are sent in?

Answer : All our cards are sent in discrete packaging with no reference to our company on the packages contents or on the cards themselves.
Does the delivery name and address have to be the same as the name and address I want printed on my fake id card?

Answer : No. If you want your card to go to another address then just fill in the order form accordingly. If you want a false name or address on your card this will also be fine providing you only choose to use your card for fun and not as back-up proof of age.
When will my fake id arrive?

Answer : We always aim to send your order back to you in the shortest possible time, however as we now run from Spain orders can take a few days to get to us if you are not placing an online only order. As all orders first go to a UK PO Box address and are then forwarded to us in Spain, orders can take a week or more to arrive with us. As soon as your order arrives with us in Spain we will make and send your card/s that same day. Delivery thereafter depends on many factors but UK deliver will only be a few days after that.
My id card has not arrived and its been over 2 weeks, where is it?

Answer : If you have given us a full 2 weeks to get your order back to you then please contact us via email and we will try to resolve the issue. An automatic email is usually sent the day we receive your order at our Spanish Office, if you have recently received this email then please allow more time as we have only just sent your card back to you.
questions about payment for fake ids
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Can I pay for my fake id using a credit card?

Answer : No we can only accept cash as a valid method of payment.
How can I feel safe when paying for my id card using cash?

Answer : There is only one way to safely send cash and that is to use a recorded and insured delivery service found at all good mail offices. We always receive these orders, it is very safe. Any other method of postage is highly risky and for the sake of your money and our reputation we urge you to avoid sending cash through normal mail if it can be avoided.
How can I be sure you won't just take my money and not send an id card?

Answer : Unfortunately there are some bogus sites out there that don't ever send cards to paying customers. To feel safe if you pay using cash you may want to read our "Feeling safe when paying with cash question". Alternatively you can send us an email and one of our friendly staff will contact you and attempt to put your mind at ease.
I want to order lots of fake identification cards, can I get a discount?

Answer : If you send us an email detailing how many cards you intend to order then we will contact you and arrange a discount on an individual basis. There are only additional discounts for 20+ cards ordered.
questions about the legality of fake identification
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Are fake id cards legal?

Answer :All our cards are novelty products and so as long as they are used for fun you will not be committing any offences. We urge you not to buy a card from us with incorrect details on it for any other reason than legal fun. If we suspect illegal misuse of our cards we reserve the right to refuse to sell a card to you.
Can I use my fake id card to get me in to clubs and pubs?

Answer : Providing all the information on the card is correct then it is likely you will not be committing an offence but it is always best to check the laws that apply in your country. It is best not to use a joke card for this purpose... there are many companies which will verify your details and give you an official card designed for that purpose... our cards aren't real, they are not for age proof purposes. If you are worried then it may be better to carry your Driving Licence or Passport out with you.
Can we make custom fake identification cards?

Answer : No, We won't make any changes to our cards so please do not ask us to. Please do not ask us to make a copy of a real card, as this would be illegal.
questions about international ordering of fake ids
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I live outside the UK, can I order a fake id from this site?

Answer : Yes, we accept all international orders so long as your address is complete and includes the country you live in. Also please make sure you use one of the currencies we accept.
I live outside the UK and wish to pay for my id in my own currency, can I do this?

Answer : If the currency you wish to pay in is not displayed on our website then you can contact us via email and we will send back the amount you will have to pay to receive your card. Please do not send your own currency without first emailing us if the currency you use is not one ordinarily accepted by our site.
I live outside the UK and wish to send a cheque for my novelty card, can I do this?

Answer : No. All orders must now be paid in cash.
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