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Welcome to the Info page. This is where we put important information sources and videos for you to watch. Have a good look around this page as we can save you lots of wasted time, money and upset by taking seriously the advice on this page.
Everyone who buys from us should watch this video. There isn't a more IMPORTANT video to watch if you want to buy a card without feeling you were scammed!

This video offers a brief introduction to Bitcoins. If this exciting new payment technology is still new to you then you should check out how fun it can be to start using Bitcoins.

There are many ways to buy Bitcoins. To get Bitcoins you need to have something called a 'Wallet' or 'Bitcoin Wallet' to put them in and you need a payment service which can swap your money to Bitcoins and back again. We highly recommend CoinBase.com as the account comes with a built in Wallet, they operate across the world, they allow card and bank transfers (in most countries), they have online apps and mobile apps and it is a very simple way to buy Bitcoins without any middle-man. Please note... you must be over 18 to open a CoinBase account or 13 years of age with parental permission.

If you decide to buy more Bitcoins from them and want to keep them safely for a 'rainy day' they offer an excellent VAULT service where they lock up your coins safely so you never have to worry about them.

The service known as Bittylicious was recommended to us from one of our customers and proves to be is an excellent choice. You can buy Bitcoins really quickly. There are loads of ways to pay such as bank transfer, credit or debit card and even cash payments. You can buy a small amount worth of Bitcoins without any verification. You can buy more if you confirm your email address and phone number and you can buy even more still if you provide them with ID or you open your account and wait some time as your limits increase the longer you have an account with them. All the details are on their websites and there are loads of independent reviews across the web so you can be sure they are legit.

When a customer told us they were going to use this service we asked them to tell us what they thought about them and here is what they replied with:

'Bittylicious was very easy to use, I payed via paym, which was one of several paying methods, and I got the Bitcoin in under 10 minutes. It cut out all the hassle of dealing with people like on other websites. I think it's probably most useful for people who have no experience with Bitcoin, such as myself, as it was very very simple, and reasonably priced compared to other websites I looked at. However, I did need a Bitcoin wallet already set up, but this was easy enough to do by downloading an app. Highly advise you recommend this on your website.'

Watch the videos below to give you an idea of how to buy from them.

We think Localbitcoins is very good too for customers all around the world because you can open an account with them in seconds, there are no age restrictions and there are many ways to buy Bitcoins available through this exchange site. You can even meet up with someone locally to buy your Bitcoins in person!!!

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We now accept BITCOIN orders!!

If you choose to pay for your order with BITCOINS then we will ship your order within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)!

Go to our INFO page to learn all about Bitcoin payments.

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